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Zoopla recognises the importance of investing in PropTech

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

PropTech is a rising phenomenon, revolutionalising the property industry and how it works. Online property search giants Zoopla, is an example of a successful digital property organisation, shifting the way we market and search for properties. As well as helping to reinvent the property sector, making it intrinsically more digitally-accessible, Zoopla never steers shy of innovation, intent on adopting PropTech innovations and investing in the latest digital workflow tools designed for the property industry.

Zoopla has, in recent times, agreed exclusive partnerships with four British PropTech start-ups. The property search portal has made an £1 million investment in PropTech start-ups, as part of an effort to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market by diversifying its services.

Zoopla has invested in the online mortgage advisor portal Trussle,  the PropertyDetective, which provides facts and data about local areas around properties for sale and rent in England and Wales, the online mortgage advisor Landbay, and FixFlo, the UK’s leading property repair reporting software.

More recently, Zoopla has added further to its PropTech investment portfolio, acquiring the cloud-based software company, Expert Agent, which provides workflow tools to the property sector.

Zoopla said the move will complement its aim to partner with property professionals in the UK and offer the ‘most useful’ resources.

Mark Goddard, Managing Director of the Zoopla Property Group, spoke of how the acquisition with Expert Agent will help Zoopla: “Continue to enhance the services we offer to UK property professionals, including software and CRM, digital marketing and data insight tools.”

Alex Chesterman, Zoopla’s founder and chief executive, spoke of the opportunities within the burgeoning PropTech sector, telling the Financial Times:

“There are a lot of processes that are yet to join the digital age, and a lot of exciting developments in property technology. There are opportunities to take broken process and improve them.”

As PropTech continues to soar in innovation, prominence and prevalence, the savviest of property professionals are adapting PropTech modernisations to diversify their facilities and acclimatise to the growing demand for digitalised property services.

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