Worker bees or rock stars? Who do I really need in my business?

John Paul
Written by John Paul

Employing and managing people is by far the hardest thing in business. Anyone who has employees will agree with me, I can say that with great confidence. After that everything is either easy or logical. If I do this then that will be the result, if I don’t do this then I won’t get the result I want.

With staff, you can do everything correct but they still surprise you as emotion is involved. So, what sort of a person do I want or need in my team? Do I want rock stars or worker bees?

First thing to say is that it will depend from industry to industry and also on what you are trying to achieve but suffice to say that having a team or group of rock stars would be my worst nightmare.

Business is all about consistency. Doing the basics well and over a sustained period of time will give you a great business. This is what gives a business longevity, not all of this double in size every 12 months type of rubbish that some people strive for and promote. That’s not the real world and is not sustainable. You therefore need a certain type of person to give you that level of sustained growth.

Having the correct processes, training and development and management will allow you to recruit a good proportion of worker bees who just get on with it. Now my definition of a worker bee is someone who does their job to a good standard and just does enough. They come in and go home at the correct time and do their job.

You won’t get them emailing the boss at 9pm or working Sunday afternoons. They are the life blood of a business. All things being equal (share the same values, beliefs etc.) they will keep the business churning on a daily basis. You don’t need to worry about them, they are reliable and consistent, but they don’t break their backs.

Your job, or your managers jobs is to come up with more ways to make them more efficient and get more out of them without pushing them to the point where they leave. You won’t change them. You won’t make a worker bee into a rock star so don’t try. They are who they are. Accept them and support them. Get your business structured and focused on delivering a very good service and standard.

Your managers or leaders in the business should be the rock stars, they are the ones who should be smashing it and breaking barriers, they are the ones with all the new innovative ideas, BUT they will be supported by the worker bees. The come up with the ideas and the worker bees run with them.

The same way as a football team needs strikers and defenders a good business or team needs a happy mix in order to achieve goals or objectives.

Too many people focus on trying to recruit game changers. This is a common but huge mistake. As we know, strikers have egos, and so do rock stars. Get too many in a room or business and egos will clash.

Business owners in the main look for rock stars when in actual fact their business isn’t at that level where they need them. They need the consistency and THEN they can look for them.

Self-awareness and patience is key to this. Be acutely aware of what you need in your business and don’t run before you can walk, in other words put your business ahead of your ego.

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