Wise up student landlords and property developers: Students want to see better technology in their rented accommodation

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Landlords of student property who fail to invest and utilise modern technology, could be losing out on rental income. These were the findings of a recent report conducted by Currys PC World Business.

The research found that a significant number of students in rented accommodation are wanting to see technology present in the accommodation they are renting during their time at university or college.

44% of the students that participated in the study said they would be willing to pay more for digs with high-speed or optic-fibre broadband. Reiterating the growing importance of having Wi-Fi in student accommodation, 35% of students said they would not be interested in renting out property that does not have connection to the internet.

Simon Moyle, Head of Business Solutions at Currys PC World Business, spoke of the importance that student landlords are in tune with the 21st century.

“Crucially, landlords must move with the times: while students may have previously headed off to university with nothing more than clothes and books, technology has become a central part of the student experience, and something that landlords must deliver on if they want to make top dollar in the market,” said Moyle.

As students are increasingly demanding smarter accommodation to rent out, putting pressure on landlords to keep ‘with the times’, student property developers are also looking for ways to innovate buildings so they provide smarter residence for new generations of students.

Going above and beyond making high-speed internet a feature of student digs, tech-savvy developers and landlords are seeing the sense in bringing the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) into student residences.

With students increasingly demanding smarter, more innovative homes as they study, the prospect of installing student accommodation with smart fridges which notify students when supplies are running low, or a smart washing machine that’s hooked up to a mobile app and informs students living in shared accommodation when the washing machine is free, seems like a probable feature of student properties in the very near future.

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