How voice control software can be an effective tool for property selling

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

We’re all familiar with virtual personal assistants on smartphones, such as Siri on Apple devices and Cortana on Android, but now the technology is being used in a whole new way. Organisations involved in property sales can now harness this latest development in PropTech to sell properties.

Pelican Media has announced that it will be the first to launch voice control software as part of its marketing and sales apps. This technology will effectively upgrade its existing apps to allow buyers to issue instructions and access information using just their voice. For example, they will be able to:

  • Bring up floor plans
  • Compare properties to each other on a range of different criteria
  • View dimensions
  • Bring up images and CGI

Pelican’s managing director Tony Nicol issued this statement to the press about the exciting move, saying:

“At Pelican, we keep at the forefront of changing consumer technologies, and believe that simplicity is the key to a great app. With this in mind, we believe that voice control is a natural upgrade for our existing marketing apps, creating a forward-thinking buying experience for purchasers.”

The update, which is scheduled for launch any day now, is expected to work across all available devices and platforms. It will also work across multiple screens, making it perfect for marketing suites and sales rooms.

How voice-activation can help with selling

The aim behind the move, and the way in which other property sellers can also make use of voice-activated apps and software, is to streamline the selling process. If you’re in the marketing suite speaking to prospective buyers or making a pitch to a potentially lucrative client, you’ll naturally want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Polished, professional and tech-savvy – these are all the qualities a client looks for in an agent or property seller. The last thing you want is technical hitches and awkward silences while you locate files on your computer, wait for pages to load or struggle to bring up the information you want on your device.

Voice activation enables you to maintain eye contact and continue a natural conversation, all while instructing your device to bring up floor plans, images and information when you need it. It helps to make your tablet or other device an organic part of your presentation, rather than technology you have to fight with. This kind of technology is effectively a virtual personal assistant for anyone working in property sales.

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