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Virtual Walkthough Technology, online agents and social media: How digitalised technology is changing the way we search for homes

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Digital technology has transformed the way we sell and let property. Looking at images of houses available for sale and to rent through an estate agent window on the high street has not been eradicated, but is now accompanied with digitalised portals, where we can search for properties virtually, from the convenience of our computers and mobile devices.

The internet is playing a vital role in matching properties available to buy and rent with suitable house hunters. Online property listing portals provide a one-stop domain for buyers and tenants to sieve through potential properties, view photos of available homes, find out how much the property costs to either buy or rent, and be informed of other important information, such as area statistics like how close is the nearest school and how far away is the local train station.

In short, these digitalised property listing portals means house hunters can find their ideal property to rent without having to go anywhere.

Video technology

Video streaming is an area of digital technology that is increasingly becoming an effective marketing tool in many sectors and none more so than the property industry. Advancements in video technology, which effectively invites viewers into a property and takes them around the home on a virtual tour, means potential tenants can get to know a property and have a feel for it, without stepping foot through the front door.

Virtual Walkthough Technology

In 2015, made ‘PropTech’ inroads by launching the first open house event on social media, using Virtual Walkthrough Technology. Virtual open house events essentially act in a similar way real-life open house events act – opening up a property and promoting it to potential buyers or tenants for sale or rental purposes.

Thanks for Virtual Walkthough Technology, which captures 3D tours of residential and commercial properties, estate agents can stream open house events virtually on website and on social media channels.

For tenants looking for a place to rent, house-hunters searching for a new home, or investors looking for a property to add to their portfolio, Virtual Walkthrough Technology and digital open house events, enables them to view properties and make important decisions without having to leave their sofa.

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