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Virtual reality headsets: Why property developers, investors and buyers are lapping them up

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Virtual reality is on the rise, as filmmakers, videographers and smartphone manufacturers incorporate a virtual environment which places the consumer in what is meant to seem like a real-life situation. Being put in a virtual reality, somewhere between a real-life scenario and an artificial existence, the exhilarating world of virtual reality is being embraced by consumers.

The property industry may have been slower to adapt to advances in virtual reality, compared to the likes of the film and videogame industries, but it is certainly finding ways to exploit our love for a virtual existence today.

Virtual reality headsets

Fancy walking down a street that’s 100 miles away, entering a new development and experiencing the look and feel of the development whilst sat comfortably in an estate agent’s office?

Virtual reality headsets allow us to do just that, experience a virtual existence of a property without having to move!

Thanks for technology innovators, virtual versions of properties are now able to be viewed with ease by potential buyers, thus helping developers and estate agents sell properties, sometimes before developments have even been finished!

One of the pioneers of implementing this pioneering, virtual reality technology for the property market was Foxtons.

Last year, Foxtons introduced the Samsung Gear VR Headset to its office in Islington. With an ergonomic design, users experience a virtual world in complete comfort. Developers, agents and marketers can create a virtual version of developments using cutting edge 360-degree photos, which are effectively ‘stitched together’ and uploaded onto a smartphone, which then fits inside a headset like the Samsung Gear VR.

All potential buyers and investors need do is to wear the headset which tracks their eye and head movement, taking them on a virtual journey of a property and its surroundings.

As consumers of different industries seem to be lapping up this incredibly advanced, user-friendly and convenient modern technology, estate agents wanting to keep up with 21st century consumer demands would be wise to make virtual reality headsets a feature of their offices.

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