It’s true! Poor property photos can seriously hinder your agency’s selling success

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

No sooner had Amanda Lindsay of Houseviz told us why now’s the time to outsource your property photos to the professionals to generate viewings, a report is launched highlighting the many pitfalls publishing sloppy photos of properties can bring to Estate Agents.

The insurance company AXA published the findings of an experiment looking into how slovenly images of property can have a negative impact on how potential buyers and renters view property.

With negative connotations attached to a property due to lacklustre photographs, not only can selling or renting the property become more difficult for agents, but the sale price may also be lower.

AXA’s research involved the analysis of the images of a one-bedroom apartment, which had a shared garden. 1,000 random members of the public were shown photos of the apartment. Half of the participants were shown images of the flat prior to it having been made over by a photographer and the other half viewed the photos after it had been ‘tarted up’ by a photographer.

The initial shots had items on display, which is routinely advised to be avoided on property photos, such as personal items in the foreground and the curtains closed in the room so natural daylight was lacking. Washing was left on the line and dustbins on display were in the original outdoor images.

According to AXA, the neater latter photos, which took less than an hour to prepare for, resulted in the participants boosting the value of the property by 21%.

Rightmove cannot overstate the importance of taking the best property photos you can in order to help sell a property.

In its ‘Ten top tips for better property photos’, Rightmove advises the following:

  • Attach your camera to a tripod
  • Switch on all the house lights
  • Use lighting equipment
  • Prepare rooms
  • Use a bubble spirit level
  • Take exterior shots in the morning
  • Watch how the light hits the house
  • Use software when processing the images
  • Take a photography course
  • Get a professional photographer

We might not all be natural David Baileys or even have the time to go on a photography course, but when it comes to taking photos of a property you are trying to sell or rent out for a client, be sure to take the washing off the line!

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