Top six social media tools for commercial property management

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

The key to any social media campaign is to have a clear strategy based on what your business is trying to achieve, and what your target market want. Once you have these questions answered, you’ll need to consider which tools you’ll use to access your potential clientele.

Here are six of the best, but don’t forget that social media works best when regularly updated; it’s better to choose one or two of these and do them well, than attempt to juggle all six and fail to establish a consistent presence on any of them.


The most professional and formal of the networks, LinkedIn is great for connecting with other individuals and businesses. You can create authority around your expertise and your company brand through the feedback of other users, join groups, and form beneficial relationships. LinkedIn is also a great platform for distributing your content in a business to business context, and a valuable lead generation tool.


Twitter is great for creating brand visibility and extending your network with competitors, market leaders, and clients alike. In order to be effective, you need to tweet regularly, commenting on the latest news in your sector, responding and re-tweeting, and promoting your own content.


One of the more casual and informal of the platforms, Facebook is nevertheless a ‘must’ for any social media presence; many people will immediately search a newly-encountered individual or business on Facebook, so at least a full profile and links to your latest content are essential for an authoritative reputation.


YouTube is the epitome of ‘inbound marketing’ efforts: providing a valuable resource to the potential client to get them to engage with your brand, build trust and regular content, and create a relationship that hopefully converts into a sale.

One recent study showed that video marketing is 600% more effective than print and direct mail marketing combined, and the increasingly fast-paced nature of people’s internet browsing habits make video a great way to connect without the effort of reading entire articles.


A user-led collection of images, Pinterest is great for helping clients envisage your offerings, tapping into to their ‘pain points’ and helping them engage with your business through the power of the visual. Post striking, shareworthy photos and images for increased brand reach and improved engagement.


The bread-and-butter of any social media campaign, blogging is the foundation of much of the content that you’ll be transmitting through your various social media channels. Ensure that you work from the basis of producing what your particular target market wants to read about, and be creative with unique and individual posts that tap into your particular expertise for best results.

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