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Top reasons every estate agent should be using Live Chat

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Live Chat, in which clients and customers discuss business-related issues with a member of staff over the internet in real-time, has been gaining momentum in recent years. More and more companies of different sectors are jumping on the Live Chat bandwagon. Why? Because Live Chat services come with a number of business benefits, including reducing expenses, increasing sales and improving customer service, to name just three.

For estate agents, which rely on substantial communication with their clients, enabling a Live Chat services makes a lot of sense.

Take a look at the top reasons every estate agent should be using Live Chat.

Client convenience

Instead of relying on the phone to chat to a member of your team, which means waiting for the office to open and waiting for a member of staff to be available, Live Chat puts your clients in contact with your agency faster and more conveniently.

Research shows that Live Chat times are more reduced than calling a company or call centre directly. Furthermore, members of staff can multi-task when involved in Live Chat conversation, something that is more difficult when on the phone.

Save employees time

By lowering average interaction times and increasing efficiency by enabling members of staff to deal with multiple live chats simultaneously, Live Chat software can save employees significant amounts of time. The time-saving benefits of Live Chat can consequently significantly increase the productivity of an estate agency.

Increase sales

Research has also demonstrated that Live Chat can help increase sales. By chatting to a member of staff over the internet in real time, a client builds up a relationship with that employee. By essentially being connected and engaged with a client, that member of staff is then in an ideal position to recommend property for sale, homes to rent, or promotions to benefit from, which may be relevant to that particular client’s requirements.

Get the edge over competition

Are other estate agents in your locality using a Live Chat feature to communicate with clients and potential clients? If they are, you should think about joining them. If they’re not, by introducing a Live Chat system on your website you could give your agency a competitive edge, as the cost saving benefits, convenience-enhancing attributes both for the client and employees, and potential to increase sales, will help your agency shine over its competitors.

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