Strategies for effective email marketing subject lines for estate agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Email marketing remains one of the most credible forms of marketing for estate agents. This tried and tested method of marketing has long been proven to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and help estate agents attain new customers.

As we all know, subject lines play a vital role in the success of any email marketing campaign. Hailed as the “bedrock of your email marketing campaign”, subject lines have a direct impact on click-through rates, ROI and the overall effectiveness of any email marketing strategy.

As a subject line directly influences whether your email recipient opens your email or discards it to the scrap heap, it’s imperative you get your subject lines right.

Fortunately, help is at hand with the following strategies for effective email marketing subject lines for estate agents.

Interior design-related subject lines

From ‘Are Your Renovations Adding Or Subtracting Value?’ to ‘Are Your Walls Ready For A Facelift?’, according to OutBound Engine’s estate agency effective subject line research, many of the most effective and clicked on subject lines for estate agents are related to interior design and home décor tips.

Timely subject lines

Making a subject line timely works well in generating interest in estate agent’s emails and encouraging them to be opened. For example, subject lines that promote a specific promotion such ‘Half Price Tenancy Agreements for the Next Four Weeks’ are likely to get clicked on, due to the greater urgency of the subject line.

Make the word ‘free’ part of your subject line

Research from the Email Stat Centre found that email subject lines that include the word ‘free’ can increase open rates by as much as 10%. Estate agents might therefore want to get creative with the word free: ‘‘Free Property Management for Landlords For the whole of June Ending Soon’, or something similar, is likely to work well.

Advice-led subject lines

Asides interior design related subject lines, email subject’s that offer recipients with advice and information related to property are also proven to be effective when it came to open rates. One of the best performing subject lines highlighted by Outbound Engine is ‘6 Tips for Preventing a House Fire.’

When it comes to sending out emails as part of your agency’s marketing strategy, be clear, concise, timely and creative with your choice of words. Ask yourself: “Would I open an email with that subject line?”


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