Social media trends Estate Agents should look for in 2018

Simon Clark
Written by Simon Clark

For Estate Agents in the UK, there is a plethora of marketing tactics you could employ to try and win that extra instructions off your competitors down the High Street. But what if you could be one step ahead when it comes to becoming the best at social media amongst your peers?

Of course, you would love this to happen which is why I have identified some key trends to look out for and prepare for when Big Ben chimes on New Year’s Eve.

Stick to what you know best right??

It is so easy just to keep doing the same old same old when it comes to social media. I can almost hear it now ringing out from the office: “We must get that lovely 4 bed we’ve just taken on added to Facebook.”

Just posting properties is not the answer. This guide will hopefully help you identify where you can improve and reach more people in 2018.

Let’s be honest, nearly everyone is on social media nowadays so let’s take advantage of your captive audience and use social media as a tool to help not hinder.

Where do we start?

Videos videos videos

It’s getting a little boring now to be honest because for the last few years everyone has been saying that videos are the way forward. Well, they are but not enough Estate Agents are using them!

Let’s break this down a little. They are free to produce, easy to upload and people love watching them. So, why are you not using them? TIME! That is the issue here. I know you may be thinking “Where do I start?” and “I’m no good at videoing” There was a time when you were learning to become an Estate Agent and you soon become good at that. (I hope!)

I get that time is precious but look at this more like an investment in your brand. Get out there with your colleague and record a walk-through introduction of your next instruction. Or maybe you could look to provide some top tips or advice in an interview style video.

People are more likely to watch a 60 second video from their local friendly Estate Agent than read a 500-word blog article that just keeps rambling on…. (I’m not rambling just yet am I?!?!)

Live Streaming in 2018

Facebook Live is an interactive way of producing live video streams that people can engage with. This has been popular since its inception this time last year and will continue to be a big hit in 2018 – I am sure of this. Many people avoid Facebook Live purely because they are afraid to make a mistake and look stupid, but this doesn’t have to happen. With some prep, a plan in place and your smart phone, you could be streaming within seconds.
The other thing to bear in mind here is that if someone watches your live stream and likes the topics you are talking about (which shows you to be an authoritative estate agent) they are more likely to instruct you.

Organic vs paid advertising

If you are the one that says that nobody is reading my posts on Facebook, then you haven’t tried using Facebook ads yet. Give it a go! Small investments of £25 every couple of weeks is a good place to start. You probably spend more on tea and coffee for the office and that isn’t going to win you instructions.

In 2018, I envisage that your organic post reach is likely to remain the same or maybe even worsen a little. I am not best mates with Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook in case you were wondering) so I don’t know for sure – nobody does – what will happen to the Facebook algorithm but let’s cut to the chase here…. You are probably spending less on print advertising and you may have a little budget left over to help you win some instructions with a Facebook advert. If you need any help, I am on hand.

Just do more

When I was prepping for this article, I added this as a sub heading and it made me smile because it is so true. Posting more often will help you because it increases the opportunities for your posts to be seen. Of course, the content you are putting out need to be of value to people. I also envisage that in 2018, more people will be wanting more relevant content (and videos!!) right when they want it – NOW!

So, start planning your social media strategy straight away. Don’t leave it until you have an idea for a Valentine’s competition in February or maybe when you are thinking you should advertise your Easter opening hours.  There is no time like the present I tell you!

Trust me.

I am a social media expert in the property industry and……. I used to be an Estate Agent too!

That’s all from me and get in touch through the website if there is anything I can help you with.

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Simon Clark

Simon Clark

With 15 years as an Estate Agent under his belt, Simon Clark uses his experience to help suppliers get the best out of the AGENTWOW platform. As well as this, his expansive knowledge of social media and all things digital allows him to produce informative and educational content, making him a key AGENTWOW contributor and helping estate agents to grow their businesses via the various online marketing channels.

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