Six ways social media can help us sell a home faster

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

82% of UK residents use the internet daily, with a staggering 38 million people active on social media. For Estate Agents, developers, and home-sellers in general, these stats mean one, very significant thing: the potential client-base for our properties is massive. But how do you access these vast numbers of potential buyers?

Social media is fast becoming one of the best ways to get in touch with your target market; here are six ways you can leverage it to sell a home faster.

  1. Reach

One of the most notable characteristics of social media is the sheer number of clients it enables us to reach. This involves setting up and maintaining a presence on one or more social media platforms, and launching a campaign to secure followers. Once accumulated, these followers are like a pool of potential buyers that are already engaged with your business, making them an incredibly valuable resource.

  1. Brand

Buying a home is a big investment, and buyers want to know they can trust the business they choose to handle the transaction. Social media is an excellent way to develop trust with your clientele, providing a medium for distributing regular content and building confidence in your professional expertise and authority.

  1. Focus

The many forms of marketing are the best way to secure buyers for your properties. But it’s easy to pour money into marketing without a clear focus for your efforts, yielding a poor return on investment. Social media allows for targeted marketing that pinpoints the sector of the market you want to engage, and connecting with them.

  1. Diversity

More than anything, social media is excellent for approaching the task of finding a buyer from myriad different angles. YouTube, fast becoming one of the most visited sites in the world, approaches customers visually, as does Pinterest; Facebook concentrates on building networks, and

LinkedIn does the same but with a business to business focus; Instagram and Twitter are based on short snippets of content that match the fast-moving pace of the digital world; and your website and blog provide the foundation for all of your efforts, acting as the hub for the spokes of your social media outreach.

  1. Community

One of the most valuable characterises of social media, and especially platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, are the sense of community that they can create around your brand. Marketing, once characterised by the ‘hard sell’ is much more focused on providing value for the client that engages them with your brand, securing them as a potential customer that you can later access for sales. Building a community is key to this approach.

  1. Communication

Social media is the perfect way to stay in constant contact with your potential buyers, informing them of sales opportunities and reaching them at any time of the day and night, whenever is convenient for them.

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