Six techniques to help estate agents ‘go viral’ on LinkedIn

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

‘Going viral’, is a modern-day buzz phrase every business with a digital marketing strategy strives to attain, for the simple reason, a viral post spreads like wildfire, thrusting a business into the digital limelight. For estate agents, viral content is hugely desirable, and LinkedIn provides the perfect platform for agencies to be recognised on a professional circuit.

Your chances of posting viral content that reaches, engages and resonates with a strong LinkedIn following, will be significantly increased by following these six techniques.

  • Help get your content picked up by LinkedIn

When LinkedIn likes an article, it can reward the author by posting it on the homepage or as a feature of one of the category pages of Pulse. Appearing on the homepage or as a feature article is likely to mean the content is picked up by thousands of LinkedIn users, giving your agency the promotion and presence you are after.

How to ensure your content is liked and picked up by LinkedIn is the million-dollar question. Following the following tried and tested content practices are likely to help.

  • Make content visual

LinkedIn might not be as synonymous with visual content as the likes of Instagram and Facebook, but a high-quality video or an attractive image embedded into a post will encourage followers to share content across their network.

  • Create content that resonates

When crafting content for your LinkedIn audience, it’s important to remember that the average LinkedIn user is between 30 and 60 years old, is educated and has a higher than average income. Given the decisive demographics of the average LinkedIn user, it is important agents craft content that will resonate with fellow professionals in their network.

  • Give advice

Rather than being overtly salesy and using LinkedIn as a sales platform, many users are on LinkedIn to seek professional advice from peers. Use LinkedIn to share your professional expertise in the property industry, and provide advice to others hoping to succeed in property.

  • Go against the grain

Common knowledge is, for want of a better word, ‘common’. Therefore, when crafting content for LinkedIn, ensure your content is more insightful and engaging for those in the property industry, instead of merely reiterating the obvious!

  • Post in working hours

Evening and weekend posting might be more effective on Facebook for family and friends to see but, being a professional social media platform, LinkedIn is generally used during working hours. Posting outside working hours may result in content being lost.

If you’re an estate agent with a strong following on LinkedIn and have managed to acquire a post with an extremely lucrative ‘viral’ status, please share your experiences with us.

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