Six property photography Instagram tips for Estate Agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

You’re an Estate Agent, you’re in the business of selling houses, you’ve simply got to be on Instagram, right? You know it makes sense to promote your houses and services on such a visual platform like Instagram, but are you getting your property photography right on this increasingly ubiquitous social media platform?

Being a social forum where online search and property photography meet, this photo-sharing site is quite simply a modern-day marketing must for estate agent. That said, there are some definitive strategies for ensuring photos stand out on Instagram and the site is optimised to the max.

Take a look at the following six property photography tips for Estate Agents.

  • Only upload quality images

Don’t just upload photos onto Instagram for the sake of it. Ensure all photos are of a high quality and contain a subject that promotes a property, internally or externally.

  • Invest in a professional photographer, or at the very least a decent camera

If no-one in the office claims to be the next David Bailey, you may want to consider recruiting a professional photographer to take your property photography for Instagram. Or, if your marketing budget wouldn’t stretch that far, investing in a decent camera will help you take the professional, high-quality property photos required to make the most of Instagram.

  • Let there be light

Quite simply, the more light there is in a property, the better it will look on the photos. Even if you’re taking the photos during the day, turn on all the lights and open curtains and blinds to the maximum to ensure daylight floods into the rooms and creates a brighter, airier vibe.

For those darker rooms and corners where light doesn’t reach, use lighting equipment to illuminate all areas of the property and craft a greater sense of space.

  • Prepare the room

There’s nothing quite as off-putting as a photograph of a room that’s laden with washing, coffee mugs and paperwork in the background. Create a better following on Instagram by ensuring the property images you post look professional by tidying the rooms that are going to be photographed and clearing them of any clutter.

  • Make use of Instagram filters

Instagram is famed for its filters, designed to bring additional dimensions of fun, funkiness and atmosphere to photos.

As Bustle writes in a filter about the most liked Instagram filters:

“A filter can be the difference between single-digit likes and feeling like a bona fide Instagram star.”

From creating faux-vintage dining rooms with the Gingham and Sierra filters, to intensifying colour on outdoor shots with the Skyline filter, have a play around with Instagram’s filters to create visually-appealing, inspiring, sharable photographs of property.

  • Tag the photos with a relevant hashtag

Help sell your homes on Instagram by tagging photos with relevant hashtags. For example, use hashtags of the local area, famous people who live or have lived in the area, quality local schools, or a bargain price, to help generate interest and engagement with your images.

With 600 million monthly active users, it goes without saying that not only do Estate Agents need to be active on Instagram but they need to get the images they post there right.

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