Six marketing tips for Estate Agents to win repeat business

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

However hard you try and work to keep attracting new customers, no Estate Agent can truly thrive without the business of past clients. In 2012 the average estate agent received 21% of their business from repeat clients.

Letting contact lapse with people who have engaged with your business before wastes many golden opportunities for new sales. It ignores a large group of potential clients, in particular those who trust you and have already proven their willingness to do business with you.

Follow these six methods to reengage with previous contacts and open up new avenues for sales.

  1. Don’t take customers for granted

Even if you’ve worked with a client a number of times, keep them returning by treating them well and not assuming you’ll get their custom again. Engage with them personally, offer a benefit for returning customers or even send a gift to your valued clients to remind them that you aren’t putting chasing new business above them.

  1. Give some personal thanks

People remember not only the service you provided throughout their relationship with your agency but the customer service they receive afterwards. If you directly and sincerely thank each client following the sale, the positive feeling will be the lasting memory they have, leading to more business, referrals and positive reviews.

  1. Show you understand your client

Every client is an individual and will respond with enthusiasm to a personal touch that shows you get them. Make a note of clients’ preferences, hobbies, and life events, and tailor your communications with them to suit. A personal understanding gives a better idea of precisely what will attract a customer again.

  1. Keep customers in the loop

Continue to engage clients through regular updates on how your agency is progressing and developing. As well as keeping your name at the front of their minds if they begin thinking about using an Estate Agent again, they’ll feel valued and engaged. Remember not to bombard them with excessive information, or run the risk of clients getting bored of your updates.

  1. See them face-to-face

In a fast-paced and digital world it can be all too easy to remain behind the computer all day, and restrict your client-facing efforts to the internet too. As well as keeping in touch via e-mail and social media, which are important, visit clients at their properties to see how they’re getting on. Be sincere and genuinely interested, and limit the doorstep sales pitch, to make your clients give you their trust.

  1. Get clients’ testimonials

Keeping clients interested in what you’re doing isn’t just limited to bringing them back to buy or sell as soon as possible. If they’re pleased with the service provided, ask them for a genuine review for your website or to tell others about you. Make sure the customer knows how much you value their opinion.

Your Estate Agency’s reputation is an important thing to protect, and engaging and valuing previous clients will help preserve the well-earned reputation of your agency.

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