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Show homes are so passé, bring on virtual furnishings!

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

We’ve all heard of virtual reality, but have you heard of virtual furnishings? Furnishings, as we all know, can help sell a home, to both buyers and renters. A house tastefully furnished with plump cushions stacked on an exquisite sofa and an elegant dining table taking centre stage in sophisticated dining room, makes a home much more enticing than an empty property, void of furnishings and fittings.

Enter virtual furnishings, PropTech designed to help sell homes through tasteful, sophisticated and stylish virtual furnishings.

Statistics prove that a home which is staged – furnished – generate higher sale figures than vacant homes. That said, hiring a quality interior design company to fit a property out in stylish, functional and enticing furniture, can cost thousands of pounds.

Advanced virtual furnishings software uses 3D models to create virtual imagery of a property, designed in an optimum or bespoke style to attract potential buyers and tenants.

If, for example, a buyer interested in purchasing an apartment in Mayfair didn’t like the existing décor of the apartment or wanted to see an empty apartment furnished, virtual furnishing software could tweak the décor virtually, changing the colour of the walls, the suite in the lounge, the carpet on the floor and even the picture frames in the kitchen, to their personally preferred versions. This custom-made, 3D virtual furnishing service helps sell a property to a buyer, enabling them to see how a property may look when it has been modified to the way they would like it.

By making a room and property more visually appealing, virtual furnished models of a home, which have been scaled down correctly to the dimensions of the actual room, can be an effective way for buyers to visual a property with their own furnishing.

For estate agents, developers and investors, such innovative virtual furnishing technology can be a much more cost-effective way to sell a home compared to spending thousands of pounds furnishing  a show home to show off a development to its full glory.

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