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Gabrielle Pickard
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Email marketing may not be a new marketing concept, far from it in fact, as this well-established form of marketing has been around practically since the dawn of the internet. Part of the longevity of email marketing is its effectiveness. Businesses of almost all sectors have been utilising and reaping the rewards of email marketing, with the property industry being no exception.

Finding landlords is one of the biggest challenges letting gents face today. Email marketing is an effective way for agents to reach out to landlords and develop working relationships.

Using landlord databases such as the UK Landlord Database, a comprehensive list of more than 20,000 landlords in the UK, which includes their email addresses, can be valuable tools in helping agents find and send out emails to UK landlords.

Have a valid reason for getting in touch with a landlord

When sending out marketing emails to landlords, it is important agents have a valid reason for making email contact with the landlord. Promotional messages such as ‘reduced landlord fees’ are effective in grabbing a landlord’s attention, persuading them to open the email and react to the call to action.

Subject lines

Subject lines are a vital component of email marketing. Generally speaking, the more eye-catching, concise and intriguing a subject line is, the more likely the email will get opened, read and acted on.

Think of engaging subject line a landlord would be tempted to open, such as ‘Never miss a month’s rent again’, or ‘free property management for landlords’.

Call to actions

Effective email marketing requires a call to action that encourages the landlord to click on a link and follow up on receiving communication from and agent or embarking on its services. Some effective email marketing call to action examples for landlords include:

Subscribe to our newsletter today and keep abreast of important landlord legislation’.

Find out more about how we can take care of your rent collection for you by clicking here’.

Get in touch to enjoy free property management for a whole month’.

Design a striking and creative email template that is mobile responsive

The most effective email templates have several things in common, they have a responsive design for viewing on mobile devices, they boast a striking look which stands out and encourages click throughs, and they have been thoroughly tested to ensure they will look great in recipients’ email folders.

Tick all of these boxes and a letting agent will be halfway there to enticing landlords to open the email, read it with interest, follow up on the call to action, and build a mutually-beneficial business relationship.

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