Why property developers need to understand about digital marketing

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

The term ‘digital marketing’ is bandied about with increasing frequency in an age that’s fast becoming dominated by the influence of the internet. But the real impact of this digital means of advertising and accessing potential clientele for developers isn’t always clear.

In this information overload, one fact is clear: property developers need to get informed about the power of digital marketing if they want to succeed in the future.

Here’s why.

An evolving business

The digital revolution had sent the property market into a tailspin, completely transforming how agents, developers, buyers, and sellers approach the process of property transactions. Gone are the days when a developer needed to work with another party in order to reach the buyer: the world wide web allows for direct access to customers, cutting out the middleman.

Developers need to be aware that their colleagues across the globe are starting to take advantage of this new ease of communication, and that if they aren’t willing to move with the times, they may well get left behind.

A transformation in marketing

On average, individuals in the UK spend nearly three hours online every day. This represents a significant opportunity to access your target market. But online advertising is a fast-moving and complex space, difficult to navigate for the uninitiated and a potential black hole for your marketing budget if not executed correctly.

Developers need to wake up to an increasingly knowledgeable buyer who is ready and willing to use their knowledge to get the best deal they can. Subsequently, getting informed about how to access their potential clientele, and leverage the massive opportunities that online advertising and network have to offer, is becoming an increasingly necessary step for developers nationwide.

Increasing competition

Property development, once the domain of a select few, is becoming more and more accessible for a variety of individuals who are able to train themselves in the basics and launch a side-line career relatively easily. Developers need to act decisively to differentiate themselves from this increasing competition, using digital marketing to establish a secure and authoritative online presence that showcases their skills, expertise, and valuable experience.

Massive potential

More than anything, developers need to recognise the enormous potential that digital marketing offers for their businesses. Allowing access to clientele across the globe at just the click of a button, the reach and scope of projects is increased massively. Not only can you reach more clientele, but you can use the many channels available to narrow down your focus within this increased field of potential, increasing your sales tenfold and boosting you to the next level of success.

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