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The principle benefits Predictive Call Routing brings to estate agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Routing calls to the person best equipped to answer the queries, questions and concerns a caller has, is a priority for any business that has a phone-based service. Timely and accurate communication can help businesses of all industries and sizes been seen in a more professional light, which can ultimately increase sales revenue and improve a business’s bottom line.

What was once a costly privilege of large, sophisticated call centres is becoming a realistic tool for smaller businesses, including many estate agents. Intelligent call routing, known also as predictive call routing, is essentially an intelligent call-routing software system, in which callers are routed automatically to an agent they have previously spoken to and would like to get directed to quickly and efficiently.

Improving customer services

Being automatically routed to an agent a client has spoken to previously and has built up a relationship with, helps improve customer service operations of an estate agency.

By being automatically directed to the member of staff they have spoken to previously, gives a caller a much more positive experience.

This advanced predictive call routing technology can be used to analyse the patterns of calls. For example, how long customers are kept waiting until they speak to an agent. With such intelligent data on board, agencies can make the relevant changes to staffing and administration tasks, consequently improving customer service and the productivity of the team.

Increasing sales through Intelligent Call Routing

By using the data related to a customer’s former calling history, Intelligent Call Routing can be used to identify a caller’s ID and automatically offer the customer a promotional offer or discount that’s based on their past history with the agency.

As Mighty Call notes:

“By aligning caller profiles to offers, you give customers another reason to do business with you – which helps increase revenues.”

Intelligent Call Routing is another example of how technology is reshaping the property industry, providing agents with advanced tools to conduct business in a more seamless, efficient and professional manner, saving time and resources in the process.

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