Pinterest: How is it an effective tool for estate agents?

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

In an increasingly busy market that’s facing competition from many new sources due to the free-for-all nature of the internet, estate agents need to stay up to date with at least the major sources of online advertising that are available.

Your online presence is more important than ever, and Pinterest is a really useful tool to engage your audience, draw fresh eyes to your brand, and ultimately get more instructions. Given that 89% of people in the UK use the internet, and an estimated 30% use Pinterest regularly, this is a source of business you can’t afford to ignore.

The power of visuals

Selling or renting a property is all about creating an image in the client’s head that lets them imagine living their dream life in that home. Pinterest, as a way of displaying and sharing images, is the perfect way to harness this power.

How does Pinterest work?

You should start by creating a business account. Then, create a ‘board’, which will have a common theme and title. ‘Pin’ images to each board, giving each one a striking and catchy description that includes plenty of keywords that will be useful to Pinterest’s search function when people are looking for an image like yours.

The idea is that users of Pinterest will come across your images, either by searching directly or when they’re browsing, and will click on the image, which will have a link back to your site. In the best-case scenario, they will click the link and visit your site to look at what properties you have, and become a client.

But it’s not just about these direct interactions. If people like your image or the content it links to, they’ll ‘re-pin’ the image on their own board, increasing your brand visibility and reach – this is the key to effective social media marketing.

Board and image ideas

Choose boards and images that will inspire people to engage with your business and share your content. Start with a board filled with professional and striking photos of the properties you have for sale; then consider interior design inspirations, DIY tips, striking architecture, video clips of tours of your best homes, funky and useful pictures of the main neighbourhoods you operate in, and anything that may be helpful to potential clientele, and that portrays your business in a good light.

Don’t forget that not all of your images have to be created by you – you can ‘re-pin’ content from other reputable sites, too.

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