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Now is the time for Estate Agents to lighten up

Michelle Farnsworth

Display plays an important part in creating an all year-round sales venue branch. As nights lengthen, smart use of the latest in LED and digital display technology and design should have a dramatic impact on your business. A brightly lit, modern looking window and interior display is now an essential not just an option.

Are Estate Agents afraid of the dark? Does the arrival of longer nights signify the end of the selling season? Certainly, that has been the popular mythology since the first property professional showed someone around a nicely appointed cave with all mod cons. Conversely every experienced agent will tell of the client who took possession on Christmas Eve.

It is possible to sell property all year round. But to do this you need to be taking the lion’s share of an increasingly dwindling supply of new instructions – and to do this needs a mix of exceptional service, attractive fees, some smart marketing – and that all important display that makes the most of the dark!

LED displays support brand, build presence

More than ever, Estate Agents need to create an effective High Street presence. They are not only competing with other ‘bricks and mortar’ competitors but with internet-only sellers too.

There need to be reasons for vendors and buyers to visit. Display is not the solution, but it can be part of the solution. Luckily, vendors still love seeing their home properly photographed and displayed to maximum effectiveness. Despite beginning online, buyers still appear to want the assurance of a ‘High Street’ agent with their promise of local property expertise and area knowledge. The look and feel of your branch can leverage these customer desires – and display is important here too.

Again, brand has become an increasingly important element in a progressively competitive market place. Display is not brand but it can help you highlight the brand values you aim for and create the ‘brand differential’ from nearby rivals.

LED and digital display technology is support of marketing

LED is much like any other technology: each year brings lower costs and increased reliability. That makes the install of an effective LED display not only affordable but actually an investment. Professionally sourced LED lighting display frames or systems are energy-efficient, cheap to run and virtually maintenance free.

Likewise, digital displays have never been better value and its improved plug and play functionality makes it easy to install and set up.  Touch screen and interactive technology add genuine customer interest – another reason to visit, another reason not to choose any competitor.

So, for Estate Agents there really is no reason to be afraid of the dark.

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Michelle Farnsworth

Michelle Farnsworth

With over 10 years experience in the property sector, Michelle works with estate agents across the UK to develop effective display solutions.

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