New software launched designed to streamline tasks between tenants, landlords, contractors and Letting Agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Landlords, of course, have a responsibility to maintain and repair their rental properties. Many landlords instruct letting agents to organise and schedule the maintenance and repair work of their properties.

Organising maintenance and inspections is a key task of Letting Agencies everywhere. It stands to reason, the more efficient the scheduling of such maintenance work is, the better it is for everyone involved, including landlords, tenants, contractors and Letting Agents.

Hence the thinking behind a proptech start-up known as Sorbet, aimed at making maintenance inspection organising more efficient, with the introduction of innovative new software.

Sorbet provides software designed to enhance transparency, efficiency and communication within the rental sector.

The platform enables tenants, landlords and contractors to put forward requests for maintenance or repairs on a rental property. The software streamlines communication between Letting Agents, landlords, tenants and contractors by automatically booking inspections with contractors when they are due and dealing with the maintenance and repair requests from tenants.

Sorbet was co-founded by Brooke Williams, a former contractor and Richard Wilson, former director of Dezrez, provider of cloud-based estate agency software.

Brooke Williams spoke of the essence of the Sorbet platform:

“Co-ordinating maintenance appointments and chasing reports for lots of properties can be a real headache for letting agents, I know, I’ve been there. Juggling landlords, tenants and contractors whilst keeping a detailed audit trail is tricky and cumbersome. That’s why we created Sorbet.”

By streamlining the way Letting Agents manage appointments, maintenance and reports, Sorbet helps agencies wave goodbye to the time-consuming phone calls, messages, emails and paperwork. Instead they can use one automated system that books appointments, handles requests for repairs and maintenance and chases reports.

As all communications between the whole letting processes are carried out more smoothly and efficiently, with Sorbet, the days of chasing up for updates or disputes are over.

The documentation involved with letting maintenance scheduling and reporting is all stored on the cloud with Sorbet, giving agents peace of mind, important paperwork is safe and secure and won’t take up any room in a filing cabinet!

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