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Ed Mead
Written by Ed Mead

Estate Agents – you’re truly some of the most hardworking people out there, and doing a fantastic job 99% of the time. But still, you find yourself at the bottom of the pile, overworked and still having your time wasted. Buyers are apathetic and often unreliable, and the more you work the more it seems you’re knocked down and disregarded.

There is a solution – and while it might sound difficult at first, it’s a deceptively simple tip that’ll leave you with more return on investment, fewer headaches and a bunch of happy clients.

That tip?


1) Make the most of the weekend (and let people know!)

Recently, I was talking with a customer who had struck on a hugely valuable tip. Realising how vastly underused the weekend was, he had simply directly communicated with potential buyers that viewings would be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Buyers, used to poor levels of service at weekends, were blown away. The response was phenomenal – his turnover since then has increased by 45%. And all it took was a simple communication showing that his company was ready to move into the modern age.

2) Don’t do everything in-house

Agents are working harder and harder under the reasonable impression that more work means more sales and more profit. But actually, working smarter, not harder, is the real trick.

With Viewber you can outsource viewings when you’re busy, or second/third/fourth viewings or decorator/contractor visits, to a team of local and trusted freelancers. Agents only make more money by getting more people into their properties. Anything that can help this helps you!

3) Market well

I’ve hardly ever had to tell anyone twice how Viewber works. And generally, it’s a great rule of thumb that if you can’t get someone to understand something the first time, they just won’t get it. So market effectively and efficiently – be snappy and get a good elevator pitch.

There’s a delicate balance – too wordy and people are put off, too simple and you lose out on relevant things that will make people really get you. So, when you’re advertising your services or your products, think about whether you’d be drawn to it as a buyer.

That’s all. A few steps, and you’ll have made your clients, landlords, buyers and tenants fully aware how modern you are – and how well you understand their modern needs too. Work at these, and you’ll get more excited and engaged buyers and tenants through your door.

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Ed Mead

Ed Mead

ED Mead has worked in the Central London estate agency market for almost 40 years and has acquired a reputation for saying it as it is. He's contributed over many years as The Sunday Times Property Expert and as Agent Provocateur in The Telegraph, amongst many others, as well as fronting two BBC TV series and contributing regularly to a live Q&A slot on LBC.

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