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Christopher Watkin
Written by Christopher Watkin
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I was at an estate agent’s conference recently and I put these four taglines on the screen. I asked the audience if they knew which London estate agents these were.

A five-minute discussion followed.

Many delegates thought the firms were KFH, Foxtons and Felicity Lord were three of the estate agents on the screen.

Others deduced it was Dexters or Marsh & Parsons. Some said it was James Pendleton, Haus and Keatons.

Others swore blind one was Anscombe and Ringland.  Paramount and Winkworth also featured, whilst some went for other lesser known agents in London.

I said, they were all correct, welcome to the ‘estate agent of wherever’.

I told them none of the agents mentioned had these tag lines… they were all made up.

Every estate agent is telling the same story, we all look the same, appear the same, have the same portals, same for sale boards, same landlords/property wanted marketing, same ‘instant valuation’ thingees on our websites. We do that because everyone else does it … it feels safer to follow – than to stand out.

But the stuff that sets you apart—the unusual and distinctive are what customers (people) seek out now.

And yet all us agents seem congregate in the middle, our websites, our marketing, everything about us… all we seem to be doing is amplifying what our ‘sets us together’ instead of taking the risky option of showing people what ‘sets us apart’ from other agents

If you exchanged the logo and pantone colours on your estate/letting website for a competitor’s …. would anyone notice?



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