Instagram marketing lessons to be learned for estate agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media platforms, now boasting more than 150 million active users worldwide, daily. By launching an Instagram Handbook for Brands, Instagram is serious about being a leading social media niche for marketing and brand promotion.

Estate agents would be wise to get a slice of the image sharing networking site’s action and many digitally-active and socially-aware property professionals are capitalising on the promotional gains Instagram can provide.

Showcase properties

Instagram is an inherently visual social media platform and should be exploited by estate agents to showcase properties to both local and global audiences.

Share images of properties on Instagram, which can then be integrated on an estate agent’s Facebook page, widening the reach and visibility of the property even further.

That said, Instagram shouldn’t be used as a place to simply advertise properties. It is, after all, a social network, so the posts should be social-focused, aimed at engaging with followers, generating a network and generally raising an estate agent’s profile.

Post images of local areas

Don’t just rely on posting pretty pictures of properties on your Instagram feed.

When it comes to selling property, they say ‘location, location, location’ prevails every time! With this in mind, use Instagram to help ‘sell’ an area by posting engaging and inspiring images of local places of interest, such as a great park, historical sites and an upmarket high street.


Hashtags shouldn’t be confined to Twitter and Facebook. On the contrary, hashtags work well on Instagram, which is one of the only social media channels where hashtags can’t be overdone and exhausted.

Grab the attention of vendors, buyers, landlords, tenants and industry professionals by using inventive local and property hashtags to accompany posts. Though make sure your Instagram hashtags are relevant to the property market and the specific post.

Engage and communicate

Like with most social media channels, the more you engage on Instagram and reply to comments, likes and shares, the greater your chances of Instagram success.

The property industry is an inherently social market, which relies on interaction between vendors, buyers and agents.

Ensure to make your estate agent Instagram account as social as possible by engaging and communicating with your followers and being as active as you can.

If you’re an estate agent and you haven’t got started on Instagram yet, get started! If you’re already a member of Instagram but aren’t capitalising on the marketing and brand-enhancing opportunities this visual networking site provides, it’s simple – get more active.

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