Identity-based marketing: What is it and how it can help Estate Agents?

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

The ultimate goal of marketing for Estate Agents and others in the property industry is to reach as many people as possible. You may think the best way to do this is to spread your net wide, but this isn’t the most cost-effective use of your resources.

The best way to optimise use of your time, money and effort when planning marketing campaigns is to target specific groups of customers – not try to appeal to everyone. You can do this through a strategy known as identity-based marketing, a cross-channel approach to audience recognition that around 70% of U.S. marketers are already focusing on according to recent research.

Identity marketing in a nutshell

This type of marketing helps you appeal to customers based on identity traits, not just demographic information such as location or income bracket – although these are undoubtedly important to property businesses. This kind of content appeals to consumers on a deeper level, as they feel they can make a real connection with the content and by extension, your company.

As for where you find the information about your customer identities, it’s literally everywhere. The rise and unending usefulness of big data means that you can now build complex and detailed customer personas, analysing patterns and trends using huge quantities of information. This information comes from a vast range of sources, including what people search for, engage with on social media, purchase, recommend to or share with their friends online and many others.

How to use identity data to market property

There are two ways that Estate Agents can make use of identity-based techniques to improve their marketing. The first is to make a better connection between their own brand identity and the consumer, to bring the two closer together. Property is no different to any other industry, where it’s important to win consumer trust, build a relationship and create loyalty.

The second way to make use of identity data is enhanced targeting of online marketing, using consumer information to tailor everything from PPC adverts and social media posts to email campaigns – all with your ideal consumer persona in mind.

So, rather than simply targeting according to geographical data, you can create and target property-based content based on lifestyle, interests, income bracket, information from recent property searches and a huge number of other criteria. This makes it far more likely that you’ll strike it lucky, attracting interest from the right people and hopefully turning interest into a sale.

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