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Four fabulous high-tech tools for Estate Agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

It’s hard to get by in this world without engaging with new technologies. New apps, software and hardware are being released all the time, each of them promising more and more convenience, efficiency and benefit. It’d be easy to be overwhelmed by all these claims.

So which ones should an Estate Agent be using to contribute to their success and growth? We’ve picked out a few which you’re bound to love:

  1. Mobile scanning

There’s a heavy-duty, problem-prone printer, copier and scanner in every office. It’s a vital part of an Estate Agent’s daily work to be able to scan and save a wide range of important documentation. However, it’s hard to only be able to do this work inside the office despite how on-the-move you’ll be.

Being able to scan documents using a mobile app, which then saves the document immediately as PDF is invaluable. It’s far better than a simple photo, and some apps will even save to a cloud file such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which can also be accessed anywhere or even shared with colleagues.

  1. Virtual reality

It’s a buzzword at the moment and conjures up images of large and expensive headsets. However, it’s now possible to allow virtual tours of entire properties using 360-degree photography, so a potential buyer can explore for themselves, in their own time.

This benefit means a client won’t be wasting any of their own or your time visiting places they have no real interest in.

  1. Online customer care

Certain apps allow you to manage the needs and requests of your buyers for an extended period, making decision-making easier. There are also options for online aftercare, where you can set up a platform for communicating important information with your buyer and answering their questions.

It will turn more potential customers into sales and secure some repeat business from happy clients, so is a serious option to be considered by Estate Agents.

  1. Digital home staging

If you’re selling an empty property, make your photos look far smarter and more attractive by setting up virtual fittings in the home, rather than staging the photographs yourself. This technology could save you lots of money and time, and you won’t put off potential buyers.

Whether you engage with one or all these suggestions, innovative technology is changing how Estate Agents work and people buy property. It’s important not to be left behind.

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Gabrielle Pickard

Gabrielle Pickard

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