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Five ways smartphone technology is helping landlords and property managers

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Smart technology is advancing at prolific rates. Thanks to smartphones, mobile technology and the Internet of Things, virtually any type of gadget can be connected to the internet and boast real-time capabilities. Such smart technology is making the lives of landlords and property managers considerably easier. But how?

Greater levels of security

Long gone are the days when landlords handed their tenants a key and hoped for the best! Old-fashioned keys are being replaced by smart locks, which work in alliance with a smartphone app and enable access into a building via Bluetooth, effectively eliminating the need for keys. Such technology ensures a property is more secure as it prevents the problem of keys being lost and stolen and then used illegally to gain entry into a building. Not only this but smart locks enable landlords and property managers to open a property remotely, meaning they don’t even have to be present at a property to let someone in, an electrician for example.

Smarter maintenance

Maintaining a property is a priority for landlords, as the better maintained a property is, the more appealing and rentable it is to prospective tenants.

Smartphones have made the time-consuming and often arduous task of property maintenance easier. From implementing smart irrigation systems into the grounds of rented accommodation, to fitting the interior with humidity and temperature sensors that can be operated remotely via a smartphone and regulate an ideal temperature, keeping an eye on the wear and tear of a rented investment couldn’t be easier.

Record information for tenants

Instead of slowly drawing up a check list for tenants by hand that includes important information such as codes for alarms and stopcock locations, there’s apps available that draw up such lists for you. Such apps can also schedule tasks and events upcoming on a property, such as arranging repair work and having a new sofa delivered.

Inventory tools

Property managers and landlords can also take advantage of downloading inventory tools onto their smartphone, which can be used when taking photographs of a property. Information and photos related to the property can be stored on the smartphone and then converted into tangible reports.

Lowering insurance premiums

Due to the fact that smart apps and connected homes, which provide reliable data, heighten security and reduce the risk of damage, it is now possible for insurance companies to offer lower landlord insurance premiums to landlords. Paying less for landlord insurance has to be a welcoming feature of smart technology.

With such intuitive tools and data at our fingerprints, the million dollar question remains – where would we be without smartphones?

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