Five ways estate agents can use Facebook to reach their target audience and sell more properties

Gabrielle Pickard
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With more than 1.15 billion users logging on to Facebook daily, Facebook offers a wealth of opportunity for businesses, including estate agents and property professionals. The key is to use Facebook to generate growth and provide long-term value. When used correctly, Facebook can be an invaluable tool in helping agents reach their target audience and ultimately sell more properties.

  • Advertise homes

Posting images and visual content works well on Facebook. In fact, Facebook posts with images get a staggering 39% more interaction than posts without images. As the property industry is an inherently visual medium, agents should use the social media channel as a way to reach out to target audiences, capture the attention of followers and ultimately help sell homes by posting visual-inspiring and engaging images of properties on their books.

  • Use intelligent automations

Implementing an effective Facebook campaign can be timely and for time-strapped estate agencies can often be too time-consuming to effectively execute. Using intelligent automations can help save an agency time in their aim to reach out to target audiences on Facebook and ultimately sell more properties.

For example, digital marketing experts Growth Track’s Growth Search app automates certain aspects of Facebook marketing, such as shares, likes, replies and follows, saving an agency time and helping them achieve their Facebook marketing objectives.

  • Add an email sign-up tab to a Facebook page

One effective way to grow email lists and reach out to potential vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants, is to add an email sign-up tab to a Facebook page. Aim to make followers aware of the email sign-up tab by sharing it on posts and encouraging followers to click on the tab.

  • Tag your content

Tagging others in posts on Facebook is a tried and tested method of increasing the post’s reach and generally helping the content reach a wider audience, thus helping to grow your followers and fans. For example, if you are sharing a news article and the source of the news piece has a Facebook page, tag the source so your post is seen on their page and to the followers of the page.

  • Make good use of #hashtags

#KerbAppeal, #JustListed, #DreamHome are all property-related hashtags that help property professionals engage with target audiences and generate leads. If you’re trying to sell property in a local area, hashtagging the name of the area can be a good way to channel a message to a particular locality and reach to a local audience of house-hunters.

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