Five fabulous email signature tips for estate agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

An email signature says a lot about your agency, more than you may think. A professional, concise, stylish and eye-catching signature demonstrates professionalism, business acumen and diligence. If the email signatures sent by your estate agency aren’t ‘making the grade’, it might be time to re-think your email signature design.

Fortunately, help is at hand, with Agent Wow’s five fabulous email signature tips for estate agents.

1- Keep call to actions fresh

Call to actions (CTAs) that spur recipients into taking action, such as signing up to a newsletter or joining a mailing list, should ideally feature in an email signature. However, instead of running with the same old CTA for months, years even, update it regularly so it’s new, relevant and doesn’t become ‘stale’.

2- Make email signatures mobile-friendly

Remember, more and more people are accessing and reading emails whilst on the go, so it’s imperative business emails are mobile-responsive. Keeping imagery to a minimum and key information concise will help ensure the email can be viewed and read with ease from a mobile device.

3- Bespoke designs

Company colours and logos play an important role in estate agent marketing, after all, an agency’s ‘for sale’ or ‘sold’ signs need to be instantly recognisable when we fly past them in our cars. To maintain the brand recognition of your agency, be sure to incorporate your company colours and logo into your email signature by creating a bespoke email design.

4- Have a button that links directly to a social profile page

Instead of bombarding your recipients with numerous social media icons that link to your agency’s various social media accounts, consider establishing a ‘social profile’ page on your website and then link directly to that page from your email signature.

5- Think twice about adding images

It might be tempting to stick an image of your ‘property of the week’ or ‘star buy’ at the bottom of an email but, as many email programs block images by default, you should think twice about embedding images into email signatures, as emails laden with red crosses and large blank spaces look anything but enticing and professional.

Get your estate agency’s email signatures right and you’ll go a long way in enhancing the professionalism, appeal and ultimately marketing success of your email

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