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Jerry Lyons
Written by Jerry Lyons

Believe it or not some people aren’t on Facebook.

This rare breed of Homo Sapiens is probably feeling smug now as their personal data hasn’t been half-inched by a bunch of techie Arthur Daly’s intent on swaying elections.

But seriously, some people are only just joining Facebook. An Estate Agent client of mine has just joined the world’s biggest social media network.

He asked me a question which really got me thinking.

“Who should I be following on Facebook to improve my Estate Agency?”

I created a list of five people for him and he’s happy for me to share it below.

My pet hate with Facebook isn’t the selfie brigade, or the passive aggressive posse – it’s the business gurus.

There’s hundreds of them promising the earth and almost universally have about as much substance as a Made in Chelsea / Only Way is Essex character.

However, the people on the list below offer value and, in my opinion, are good people to follow if you want to improve your Estate Agency. Whether that relates to your marketing, sales, systems or software.

In no particular order.

  • Perry Power of Power Bespoke.

When I first became aware of Perry I made a snap judgement. Turns out it was wrong. His page uses video really well, he’s passionate about his business and indeed the estate agency business. And he gets that we’re now living in the sharing society when it comes to social media.

  • Mathew Wood of Orchard Estates.

He is a client of mine but that has nothing to do with me putting him on the Famous Five list. A hugely likable, honest chap his agency’s page features Ask the Experts videos, live updates from open houses and loads more. And by the way his agency was crowned Best Estate Agent in the UK at last year’s Best Estate Agents Guide event supported by Rightmove and the Property Academy. So, he knows his stuff.

  • Tom Panos.

An Australian trainer for the property industry. He comes across brash, a little forceful even. But hey he’s an Aussie but unlike some of his countrymen he doesn’t seem the type to tamper with your balls. I like his stuff, especially the short clips he posts that are insightful, interesting and he comes across as genuine. He’s got some excellent motivational videos on YouTube and interviews a lot of Oz’ leading agency owners.

  • Matt Giggs of Giggs and Co.

Again, scores highly in the likeability league table. And he’s got a really good story behind his successful brand. Aside from his agency’s page he also has the Matt Giggs Personal Power Group, which aside from the slightly ‘Awesome, be the best you’ sponsored by Anthony Robbins Inc sounding name is a very useful page for estate agents to build up their bank of knowledge. Uses video well, has a personality and shares behind the scenes at his agency.

  • Chris Kyriacou – Runs the SMART Strategies for Estate Agents Facebook Group. While I’m not sure Chris is still an estate agent he certainly has experience. And this is probably my favourite page for agents to air their concerns, ask for help, share useful tips and sometimes have a moan up.

All five are united by three things that are important for business success and good karma in the social media age we find ourselves in.

  • They all produce a ton of content, especially video – but not just rubbish content or Egos on Tour. It’s mostly useful content you can learn from and beats being pitched to by a guru promising easy millions by simply downloading his bundle of bollocks for $299 (with instalment options as f’ing standard).
  • They show enough of their personality for you to buy them as people. I can’t do business with people I don’t like and imagine this is the case with a lot of (not all may I add) people.
  • They are generous. Gone are the days when we guard little things that improve our businesses. Sure, I get why KFC guards the Colonel’ Secret Recipe, but the sharing economy is here, and the world is all the better for it, most of the time. By sharing their knowledge, their story and experience these five pages / people are positioning themselves as experts and building their own personal brand which will benefit their agencies or respective businesses.

Notable others who are worth a look are Michelle Gallagher from JDG Estate Agents, Shaun Adams of Cooper Adams, Chris Watkin, Sam Ashdown and the guys at the Property Academy.

This is just my honest opinion and I know there are lots of other pages and groups out there worth a look.

And finally, in true Facebook fashion if you like this article please share it like it’s a video of a cat in a hat playing a guitar while being pulled along the street in a go kart by two cute little puppies to the Curb Your Enthusiasm soundtrack.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.






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Jerry Lyons

Jerry Lyons an award-winning former journalist and the founder and senior tea boy at Property PR Expert. His company helps Estate Agents win more instructions by providing them with copywriting, marketing and PR services, all delivered in a down to earth but expert way.

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