Failing to profit from LinkedIn? You’ve got your strategy all wrong!

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

You’ve heard that LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for estate agents, you’re active on the networking platform, but you’re failing to see any real benefits or results from your active LinkedIn status. The answer could be simple – you’re not getting LinkedIn right.

If you’re looking to give your LinkedIn marketing campaign a boost, then take a look at the following ways to help make LinkedIn worth your while.

Connect with people

Don’t just sit back and rely on people coming to you – go to them! Whilst you don’t want to connect with just anyone and everyone, through risk of being deemed as spamming, if someone has a legitimate business or professional connection with you, request to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Reaching out to and connecting with other property professionals on LinkedIn, will provide you with opportunities to reach a broader set of connections through mutual recommendations.

Make use of links

When you post content on LinkedIn (and if you’re not you should be), be sure to include links in your content that drives readers to your website.

Be endorsed

Despite the almost infinitive marketing opportunities the internet provides, the property industry is still one sector that relies heavily on word of mouth and localised marketing. Being endorsed for a certain skill or achievement on LinkedIn will help give your LinkedIn marketing efforts a bit of a boost.

You can improve the chances of being endorsed yourself by endorsing and recommending your own connections. Don’t just endorse for the sake of it though, only endorse other property professionals and connections if you have valid reason to do so.

Join an estate agent group on LinkedIn

Joining groups that are relevant to property is an effective way to stay on top of industry news, hire talent within the property sector looking for new positions, and generally show off your knowledge and expertise within the property community.

As well as showcasing your own knowledge and experience, LinkedIn property groups, such as the UK property Investors Networking Group, provide great opportunities to learn from others, make more contacts and generally boost the activity and professionalism of your estate agency on LinkedIn.

Are you a property professional who has enjoyed marketing success on LinkedIn? We’d love to hear our readers’ social media success stories.

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