Facebook Live Viewing: How to make it work for your Estate Agency

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Facebook is continuing to make inroads in property marketing, providing fresh and innovative ways for property agents to reach potential clients. Facebook Live could prove to be a particularly valuable tool in helping Estate Agents find new leads and sell properties, quickly and efficiently.

Take a look at the ways Facebook Live can work for your Estate Agency.

Live Virtual Walkthrough

Use Live Virtual Walkthrough to take Facebook users, and interested buyers, through a property. Just remember to inform followers of the day and time you will be conducting a Live Virtual Walkthrough tour. Gauge more interest at the event by answering questions in real-time, such as what the dimensions of the rooms are.

It’s a good idea to announce the day and time of the Live Virtual Walkthrough well in advance to give people sufficient notice to ‘book’ the time off and be present at the live Facebook event.

Have a Live Question and Answer Session Hour

As well as answering any questions related on a property during the Live Walkthrough, estate agents can also benefit from Facebook Live by carrying out a Live Video Question and Answer Hour.

You may want to hold the Q&A chat to a particular demographic of your Facebook followers or even a specific theme, such as younger people who are looking for their first home. Speciality Presentations can be an effective Facebook Live feature for agents.

Or simply host it for everyone and let them task you any type of property-related questions.

Live Q&A sessions will help clients and potential clients build up trust with you and get to know your services better.

An agent networking and recruitment tool

Facebook Live can also be an effective way for Estate Agents to network with other property professionals and acquire new agents. By hosting a Live New Agent Presentation, you can inform a multiple number of interested agents and professionals about your agency, the job role, the requirements and specifications of the position and the culture of the company, from one convenient location.

Interested agents can ask questions at the Live event and you could be securing a job placement there and then.

If you are planning on using Facebook Live for property marketing and recruitment efforts, remember to create a buzz about it on social media beforehand, so the Live sessions attract the maximum number of participants.

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