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Estate agents and artificial intelligence: Can elements the industry be automated?

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving from being a feature of over-imaginative sci-fi film producers to a tangible reality. While we might still be a fair way from being a civilisation ran by robots, AI is beginning to manifest its presence into many different industries and walks of life.

Property is a sector that is beginning to leverage AI to its advantage.

Automated communication

Communication is making good use of artificial intelligence, automating the way we communicate. In the property industry, AI helps automate communications on behalf on an agent to customers and potential customers.

AI is designed to send out effective messages to intended audiences at the optimum time, thus not only saving crucial agency man hours, but optimising the effectiveness and value of the message.

As Matt Murphy, CEO of Chime, notes:

“AI takes the grunt work out of these interactions by automatically deploying drip communication and intelligent action plans, so prospects receive smart emails and text messages that guide them through the sales pipeline.”

Streamlining agency tasks

Automated, AI technology is being exploited by businesses to streamline daily tasks and speed up administrative workflows. AI tools are being integrated into existing systems, allowing tasks to be scheduled in advance and multiple duties managed more efficiently.

By automating admin and other mundane duties, AI technology can help free up resources, allowing agencies to concentrate of sales leads, developing new skills, improving customer service and client experiences, and generally improving important areas of the business.


Chatbots, computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users, are gaining momentum in business. Many industries, including the property sector, are beginning to use Chatbots for customer service interactions. By appearing more real and human than automated phone calls, ‘bots’ are being welcomed by the public over automated phone calls. Like most AI technology, Chatbots can help property agents save on time and money.

While there are certain tasks that can being achieved through AI such as booking appointments to view properties and providing basic information related to property, there are certain responsibilities within the estate agency sector that will be much more difficult to fully automate.

Elements such has inviting an agent into a home to value a property, or being handed the keys to a new home after completion, require friendly human interaction.

Whilst AI can help agents make invaluable time and resource savings, the human touch in the intrinsically humanoid world of property.


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