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Christopher Watkin
Written by Christopher Watkin

Most Estate Agency marketing starts with what the Estate Agent needs to say, not with what the potential house seller wants to hear.

Most Estate Agency marketing defines and describes features and benefits of the Estate Agency and how their Agency is better than the others, instead of the house seller’s problems and anticipated conclusions.

Most Estate Agency marketing prioritises getting the free valuation now above long-term connection.

Most Estate Agency marketing pursues to build brand awareness rather than build brand empathy.

Most Estate Agency marketing creates noise instead of adding something of value and worth.

Most Estate Agency marketing gets lost in a sea of vanilla ubiquitous sameness… uniformly cookie cutter… all the same.… and utter rubbish that nobody reads or listens to…

Are you most Estate Agents?

Because if you are, you my friend need to break the mould.

Your job with your Estate Agency marketing is to do exactly the opposite… like these agents… and relevant and interesting by adding worth, empathy, problem solving and value to all the homeowners and landlords in your town.

Wimbledon Estate Agent

Cardiff Estate / Letting Agent

Cheadle Estate and Letting Agent

Derbyshire Estate Agent

Scottish Letting Agent

Lincolnshire Estate Agent

Tooting Estate / Letting Agent

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