Essential online networking tips for Estate Agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

A digitally-savvy Estate Agent uses the geographically boundary-free world of the internet to network, make connections and generate leads. The World Wide Web offers a wealth of opportunity for agents to network with other property professionals and grow their contacts’ list.

If you’re unsure of how to successfully network online and don’t know where to start, Agent Wow has come up with five essential online networking tips for Estate Agents.

  • Ensure your online profiles get found and seen

Profiles that are poorly-written, incomplete, or generally uninspiring, won’t do your professional online image much credibility. Write an engaging and informative profile that invites others to connect with you. Scatter plenty of keywords that are relevant to the Estate Agency sector into the text, so others are able to locate you and network with you.

  • Utilise professional, online communities to network

Networking online should be conducted in a similar way to physical networking, meaning you wouldn’t just fly into a room and start yapping away to everyone you meet. Instead, build up your network slowly and create respected contacts and bring value and meaning to your network, by joining relevant online communities and professional groups.

  • Tag followers in social postings

Tagging followers can be an effective way to successfully network online as it proves to you are actively following your contacts and want to build up an online relationship with them.

Engaging with followers in this way will help you to develop stronger relationships with contacts and maintain an active network.

  • Create compelling property-focused content

People love to follow individuals that place quality, unique and compelling content into the blogosphere.  By posting original and engaging content on your social channels that is related to the property industry and provides value to your followers, will help you be seen as an authoritative, credible figure in the property sector, helping to boost your online networking success.

  • Prepare for face-to-face introductions

Some of the best online contacts develop into physical contacts, so avoid writing off or underestimating the value of face-to-face introductions.

Many social networking groups connect with contacts offline through group events and meetings. Physical meetings provide the opportunity to build deeper, more meaningful and profitable working relationships with your contacts, and should not be overlooked.

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