Are drones the next big thing in property marketing?

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

It may have taken a little while for the property industry to match the pace of other sectors when it comes to harnessing technology, but exciting new PropTech developments are now coming thick and fast.

The latest innovation is mainly happening across the pond, where U.S. property agents are making use of drone technology to bring the marketing of top properties to life in vivid, panoramic new ways.

According to CBS News, real estate companies and photography agencies first started to use drones last year. The trend really kicked off when the Federal Aviation Administration relaxed laws about the use of drones, dropping the requirement for drone pilots to have an expensive licence and approving drones for commercial use. Professional rather than hobby drones are used by real estate photography companies to capture impressive aerial photographs cheaply, where previously you’d need to hire a helicopter.

Drones can also be used to:

  • Help raise an agent’s profile – if you’re the only one using this new, trendy technology, it creates quite the buzz and sets you apart from your competitors
  • Fully capture larger homes and expansive properties – the technology works best on large estates and countryside locations, rather than in crowded city centres
  • Create more detailed maps and floor plans
  • Create videos to allow buyers to virtually tour the property and the local area

Future applications for drones and property marketing could even include remote viewings, where a buyer can send a drone to view the exterior of a property before booking in to tour the interiors.

Drones in the UK

While all of this is very exciting news for estate agents in the U.S, does it mean that UK agencies can immediately follow suit? Not quite. Drone rules are evolving all the time in the UK but if you wish to use a drone for commercial use, you will need to check with the Civil Aviation Authority and apply for permission. The CAA website has all the information about what you’ll need to do.

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