I have 5,000 followers on Facebook. So what?

Simon Clark
Written by Simon Clark

Hi and welcome back to another blog all about social media. Here I will be talking about your followers and fans and what they really mean to you and your Estate Agency.

Often when I am speaking to Estate Agents, the first thing they tell me before we get started working with them is that they have lots of followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook but what does this really mean?

Vanity Is Great – Engagement Is Better!

In a recent discussion with a new client, they were saying that their Facebook page has just under 5000 likes and they were proud of this. They wanted us to help them manage the day to day activity on their Facebook page as they simply couldn’t manage this internally. Therefore, they have outsourced their social media marketing due to time constraints and a lack of expertise in this field.

When I asked how they achieved their likes, they did not know. They said that it has simply grown over time. Now, this is great because this shows that they are active and getting lots of engagements (i.e. shares, likes and comments etc) … BUT, on closer inspection of their page, I couldn’t see where people were engaging. This concerned me so I told them. (It is at this point I should add that there is never any benefit to both parties by not addressing these concerns).

If they had 5,000 genuine active human beings following their page, I am confident that each post would get something but NO!

Confession time – Did you buy any likes for your page?

It was at this point of the conversation, where I asked them if they had ‘invested’ in buying fake Facebook fans. To which point the answer was again…. NO!

This got me thinking……

It was then that they mentioned that they have used other social media companies in the past. This was my Eureka(!!) moment because some social media agencies will ‘invest’ in buying likes on a page to help show successes and quick wins. I say, ‘some’ because it has been known in the past to be a tactic used to show value and expertise. (This is not how we do it by the way!)

You will also notice that I emphasised the word ‘invest’ above in the paragraph. Buying likes to your is NOT an investment. This could harm the way, in which Facebook values your page. (You can read one of my more recent blogs about the Facebook Algorithm here online) The more fake followers means that the ratio of fans to engagement is going to be very low.

How to gain followers naturally for Estate Agents

I often say, “Why would someone want to follow an Estate Agent on social media???” This is another one of those bold statement alerts that I like to use. It’s true. Estate Agents want to sell you their services. People don’t like being sold to. But what if you were providing them with useful information instead or just advertising every property you have for sale or to let (because that is what you pay the portals for!!).

The more useful and interesting content you share, the more likely people will engage with you and follow you. The more comments and tags you receive, the wider the reach. If you are sharing interesting local stories, news and events then people will see you as a great source for content. Thus, by liking or following you, they will be subscribing for more.

Manage your own expectations – Or we can for you!

When we start a 14-day free social media trial for a new client, I will always say that you cannot expect to see fantastic results in a short period of time. It takes time, patience and a working strategy to start seeing results. The trial is there to show you that we understand the property industry, know how social media can benefit estate agents and also you get to see first-hand how we work for our clients to help raise your brand awareness and generate more leads.

If you would like to measure our success by the number of likes to a Facebook page or the number of extra followers you have on Twitter, then we may not be the right fit for you. We always provide realistic expectations to our clients and we look at the long game instead of just what is immediately around the corner.

Quality over quantity

Don’t get me wrong here, but I have seen some Estate Agents’ social media accounts with lots of followers and can see them getting engagements and it is usually at this point where I applaud them for what they have achieved thus far. However, I have seen some accounts where they have 20 or so likes and the last post was back in September…… 2015.

I firmly believe in having a lower number of real fans that are engaging with your accounts, rather than having a nice healthy-looking number that is just sitting there looking good!

That’s all from me for now on this but if you would like to read some more of my social media blogs, grab a coffee and click here.

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Simon Clark

Simon Clark

With 15 years as an Estate Agent under his belt, Simon Clark uses his experience to help suppliers get the best out of the AGENTWOW platform. As well as this, his expansive knowledge of social media and all things digital allows him to produce informative and educational content, making him a key AGENTWOW contributor and helping estate agents to grow their businesses via the various online marketing channels.

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